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Book Award winner in Readers' Favorite Competition 2019


A Story of Berlin

by James Cloud

A fascinating city of dazzling elegance and decadence, Berlin is the stage on which the drama of history is played during a period of strident patriotism, wrenching sorrow, exuberant optimism, dashed hopes, terror and ultimate descent into one of history’s darkest periods.

     Brandenburg is the story of this great city and people who lived there during exciting and dangerous times, commencing with World War I in 1914, and in the years following, until the takeover of Adolf Hitler.

     The joys, trials and tragedies of some of those people are portrayed in this historical novel. The interactions and conflicts between them cross lines of religion, social levels and sexual orientation.


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A Story of Berlin" 

Announcing: Brandenburg II – The Ninth Circle of Hell

Brandenburg II Cover.jpg


The Ninth Circle of Hell

By James Cloud

Chaos reigns. The worldwide depression has reduced Germany to street-fighting and terror. The nation teeters on the brink of civil war, but the new chancellor, Adolf Hitler, has promised to restore order and stability.

For the next twelve years, Nazi ideology penetrates and alters the very fiber of German civilization. Family and friends struggle to cope with the changes in every aspect of daily life. Germans who believe the propaganda become Nazis. The persecuted try to escape, but the doors to freedom close rapidly. Those who attempt to undermine the regime risk their lives. Others say nothing.

In Brandenburg II: The Ninth Circle of Hell, award winning author James Cloud transports us back to the world of Brandenburg, the iconic chronicle of love and danger told from the German perspective.

Available September 14th, 2021

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