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Ruffina Oserio

James Cloud’s novel is a classic….

A vividly and skillfully rendered story that captures

the heart of a city during the war.…

Rife with historical references, seething with

compelling and interesting social and political commentaries….

Details are relevant and the scene setting is done to perfection….

An expert, sensational story….

Well researched, entertaining, and hard to put down for fans of historical novels with hints of romance and intrigue, and a setting against the backdrop of the war…. 



Jamie Michele

Brandenburg is exquisite in both its style and its substance….

Brandenburg: A Story of Berlin has a gorgeous intensity to it that cannot be missed. Highly recommended…. 



Melinda Hills

Historical fiction can be a tough balancing act but James Cloud writes superbly, blending the two into a stunning and vivid portrayal of roughly 30 years of life in Germany….

Cloud brings depth and realism to his characters and offers an incredible view of the changing scene in the country’s capital and surrounding areas….

Historical fact is artfully interwoven into the story as the characters witness and react to their surroundings and events that transformed not only Germany but all of Europe….

Cloud presents a straightforward account of life at the time while allowing you to feel every triumph and tragedy along with the characters….

The writing is clear and impassioned and the descriptions take readers to the places mentioned. Well written and deeply moving, Brandenburg is a wonderful story that should definitely be read and shared…. 



K.C. Finn

James Cloud’s deep and detailed explanation of history and attitudes really shed some brilliant light on things that I’ve wondered about for many years. It’s clear that Cloud has a wealth of authentic sources and information when describing Berlin…

Overall, I’d definitely recommend Brandenburg: A Story of Berlin to fans of wartime research as well as those interested in the shaping of culture…



Deborah Gill

This engaging book bring together a welding of history and humanity….

The characters from different backgrounds and classes are brought together to show how the events preceding World War II, created by World War I, affected the people of Germany….

Although a work of fiction, we are able to understand in a human way the thoughts and feelings of the people of that time….

I enjoyed this book and will recommend it to my friends….



Jay Newitt

I have now completely read it twice. I enjoyed it even a little more the second time around….

This book helped me to much better understand the events leading up to World War I and the coming to power of Adolf Hitler….

The author describes the city and historical events in great accuracy….

I would suggest this book to anyone interested in world history and especially anyone who is acquainted with the city of Berlin. Thank you, Mr. Cloud, for your knowledge, insights, talent, and abilities….



Patricia J. Miller

James Cloud has written a gripping historical novel as people, families, culture, prejudices, hatreds, Love, compassion, and kindness come alive on every page--superbly done....



Steven Huffaker

Starting with the declaration of war by the German Emperor at the onset of World War I, author James Cloud takes the reader on a journey through the detailed progression of Berlin society and the cultural changes that ultimately lead to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party….

Brandenburg delivers an entertaining and emotional perspective on the city of Berlin during and after World War I. Opening with the declaration of war, the book follows the lives of four main characters and their families as they progress through their late teenage years into adulthood. Through intense edge of your seat action in the air and ground wars at the front, interspersed with wrenching sorrows suffered back home in the city, we witness how lives are shaped by experiences during the war….

Many of Berlin’s historical landmarks, including museums, shopping districts, and the colorful Cabaret’s serve as a backdrop as the drama unfolds and the conflicts arise….

The reader feels every emotion as the city descends into chaos and the ultimate terror of the growing strength of the Nazi party. Cloud presents an unbiased and broad analysis of World History that focuses on developments from the German perspective, as opposed to the many history books that single out achievements of the United States….

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Reader Reviews

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..I am astounded at how great it is written, how easy it is to read, and how correct all the history of Berlin is. It is very interesting and very easy to read and also follow the events that took place

In Berlin in those terrible times.

 I would highly recommend this book to all the people that like history.

I am German and I learned what those poor people in Berlin went through. I, for one, am anxious  to see what the next book will have to tell me... 


                   Linda Boyd

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 “We are at war and it seems to me both sides are doing inhuman things to each other.” In his novel Brandenburg, James Cloud does an interesting job intertwining history with historical fiction in telling the story of Berlin. It starts out following a group of four teenagers whose lives are about to change forever when Germany declares war against France in 1914. Often history books are very one sided and leave out the humanity of a “enemy.”


Brandenburg does an exceptional job of giving us insight to how families in Berlin viewed the war during World War I and leading up to when Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933.  When it comes to war time novels, we often forget how many families were actually affected by the war and the enemies often lose their humanity. Cloud does a great job of integrating history and the humanity and hardships of everyday life for his characters.  Cloud’s research and first hand experience make this a great historical account. A must read.

Mark Byrd, Idaho


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